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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Heterosexual Son

Welcome back to my blog. I hope that we can feel the Spirit together on this glorious day.

I would like to share with you an inspirational story about the oldest of my thirteen children. He is our beloved returned missionary Elder LeDale LeRue Jensen. LeDale just turned 26 and is thriving in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts at Brigham Young University. Just last Saturday, Brother Jensen and I watched as he starred in a beautiful rendition of The Sound of Music in the de Jong Concert Hall on the Lord’s chosen campus of BYU. He also participates in the Young Ambassadors Program and tours the country with other musically minded young men who, for whatever reason, have yet to marry.

My prayer is that you take after LeDale. He regularly dates daughters of Our Heavenly Father, and even though he has yet to marry, it’s possible that he has already met his soul mate! His most recent date was with Sister Ashley Hatch Sorensen, and he tells me that he felt the Spirit burn in his bosom as the two watched Les Miserables and ate caramel popcorn together. Now, do you think he’d have felt that burning sensation in his pelvic area with another man? No! It’s just a matter of time before they marry in the Provo Temple where they’ll be sealed for all time and eternity. I just know it!

LeDale has always been a sweet, sensitive ladies’ man. I remember when he was a child. He would play dolls and house with the neighborhood girls. He was never interested in sports or G.I. Joes, but he sure loved My Little Pony! LeDale laughs at these memories. He tells me that these were his way of getting in with the girls. HAHA! That’s our good, little heterosexual boy!

I hope that you too can find a way to meet members of the opposite sex in order to reap the benefits of a godlike family structure.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Jensen


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